What You Get Free

Everything In the App

  • All the Sensations
    • Get uncomfortable when you hold a crawly spider.
    • Feel the serenity when a beautiful blue morpho butterfly lands on you and takes off again.
    • Play with a fire breathing dragon.
    • Find yourself in the center of a swarm of honey bees without the fear of a sting.
  • Be on the leading edge of augmented reality with cool beta experiences out of our engineering lab!
  • The Unicorn Experience, courageously help the Unicorns save the world. 
  • The Butterfly Experience, find yourself in the center of a butterfly migration and so much more with this educational adventure.
  • You get to vote on the new experiences - you get all new experiences free.

Every experience in the app is included free.

Luxury Packaging Included Free

  • Lux mint and silver magnetic box
  • Super soft velvety silver pouch
  • Instruction pamphlet