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Our Gems are conversation starters described as elegant, beautiful and stunning....and that’s before any of the adventures.

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“The combination of all things pretty and all things tech!” - Sonya - The Tech TV Show

“I am so excited about this. For anyone who loves jewelry and has an appreciation for technology. Unique, special and different. A conversation starter.” - Merilee - Luxe List

Fashion, Connection & Imagination



I love how sparkly and glittery the unicorn story is. Diamonds coming out of your phone and onto your wrist! So feminine and beautiful.


Los Angeles, CA


I wish all my jewelry did something interesting.  I blew my boyfriends mind when I had the spider crawling on his arm.


Los Angeles, CA


They are just gorgeous!!! and so unique.  My favorite conversation starter... and friend maker. 

Rose L.

Los Angeles, CA

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  1. Augmented Reality Jewelry, United States Innovation.
  2. Durable glass face, will not break if dropped.
  3. Waterproof, wear it everywhere.
  4. Surgical Stainless Steel to protect the most delicate skin.
  5. Adjustable to fit anyone, kids to adults.
  6. Modern Design
  7. Free App Available in the App Store and Google Play.
  8. (E) Everyone Rating
  9. One year warranty, built to last.
  10. Risk Free 30 day money back guarantee.
  11. Wireless. does not require batteries.
  12. Surprise experiences added a few times a year, the fun keeps growing.
  13. You vote on upcoming experiences, get more experiences you want.
  14. Own a piece of jewelry that brings you and everyone around you exciting experiences.
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