Our Story

Gem Joy Started With One Question.

Hi, I’m Katie —and I created Gem Joy for meaningful connections through shared experiences that spark joy.

In my former life, I was a software engineer focused on solving specific problems...but something was missing:

Connection, fun and joy with the people I loved most and the new people that would enter my life.

I asked myself a question:

How do we have more magical experiences with the people around us?

That’s what I wanted and if you’re here —I’ll take a guess you do too.

Because what are we going to remember most?

Those joyful moments of awe, wonder and delight with people we love.

I also realized that these moments don’t have to be expensive vacations or waiting for some day in the future…

They can be created in small, simple ways every day.

That’s when Gem Joy was born —merging my passion for jewelry to express who we are with digital technology that allows for the childlike curiosity we all have.

It all started with one Gem that had a magic secret.

Little did I know as I was growing Gem Joy, that I was also growing a family.

Here I am with my Mom at our first trade show with Gem Joy’s first Beta product...I was 6 weeks pregnant.

Winston was born August 27th and Gem Joy’s First ready for sale product came just one month later.

My parents came over everyday to help with the baby...so I could code and bring this dream to life!

The first version of the app was launched 1 month after Winston was born.

We sold out in 30 days. I ordered thousands more. We sold out again and again and again. Winston and Gem Joy were growing so fast!

It was overwhelming and the notes that people were writing were wonderful:

Today, Winston and Gem Joy are five years old. The best part of this journey is the experiences I have had with the people I love the most.

I love seeing that moment of wonder in someone’s eyes —no matter what age.

Let’s create some memories together.

With Love and Joy