Privacy Policy - App Stores

Thank you for visiting our Privacy Policy. Part of our product is a mobile app available for download in Google Play and The App Store. We want you to feel very good about downloading our app. So we have put together a plain english description of how the mobile app uses your data. Spoiler alert - we don't collect or use your data.

Your privacy is very important to us. We don't share or distribute your data to any third parties. Your privacy is so important to us that we don't collect any data from you through our mobile app at all.

You will be asked to grant us access to two thing in the app. Here is a detailed explanation of why we need access and how the access is used.

Camera Access

We need camera access for the augmented reality feature of the app. But access to your camera is only used for augmented reality purposes.

Access to Photos

You have the ability to take a video in Augmented Reality through the app. In order to do this we need a place to save the video so you can access it. If you do not want a video taken in Augmented Reality there is no need to grant the app access.  

We hope you enjoy the app. Please reach out if you have any questions about the mobile app privacy policy.