Bring the fun everywhere you go.

 Find Out How To Use Gem Joy In 60 Seconds

At Gem Joy we love jewelry and we love new experiences that spark excitement. Owning a Gem Joy piece is owning a wearable experience that delights and engages everyone around you.


Get Started in Three Steps

1. Place your bracelet on your wrist 

 Your bracelet will act as your:

  • remote controller
  • paint brush
  • pong paddle
  • a landing pad for a butterfly
... and so much more.

2. Download our free app in The App Store or Google Play 


 3. Scan Your Gem!

We designed Gem Joy so it is easy to get started right away. Our Patent Pending Gems are assembled, tested, designed and shipped from San Francisco, California. 

Here is a complete demo from Katie, the Founder of Gem Joy!


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