The Most Whimsical Wonders

Come with us on a whimsical journey. Whimsy brings light and joy, but more than that, whimsy feeds the light and joy within each of us. Whimsy is soul food.

Whimsy keeps us afloat here at Gem Joy. Whether we’re searching for it, cultivating it, or being inspired by it, whimsy flows through our metaphorical veins. 

But what is whimsy? Look it up in the dictionary and you get a perfectly utilitarian definition. Whimsy is: “playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor.” But something is missing there. 

Whimsy is so much more. 

Whimsy is lively, creative, unusual, joyful, offbeat. Whimsy is colorful and expansive, detailed and humorous. Whimsy is romance and heartbreak’s cure in one. 

To fully explore the idea of whimsy, here is a list of some of the most whimsical things that humans have dreamed up and nature has created!  Some are whimsical in surprising ways. We’ve also got the classics. From the fantastical to the scientific, from silly to profound, here is some whimsical wonder for you.


The Garden of Ninfa

ninfa garden

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The Garden of Ninfa is an abandoned medieval village in Italy. It has been reclaimed and transformed into the most magical and alluring place. With clear streams, gracefully arched bridges, and aesthetically crumbling ruined buildings, this whimsical tour de force is known as the “most romantic garden in the world.” 


Gem Joy Unicorn Experience

Unicorns ride on rainbows, encourage people to embrace themselves, and bring magic wherever they go. They are powerful symbols in people’s lives, reminding us all of the importance of being true to oneself and loving to others. Their whimsy is integral to their power. 


Gem Joy Monarch Butterfly Experience 

Gem Joy Blue Morpho Butterfly.


Fluttering jewels of wonder. Butterflies metamorphose, changing from an egg to a caterpillar to chrysalis to a butterfly with glorious wings. They flit and float and fly from blossom to blossom, sipping nectar and pollinating flowers. Butterflies inspire joy and spread whimsy, and delight in doing so.



From Shutterstock by Christina Li 

Through the prism of a kaleidoscope, you can see the world refracted and turned rainbow. Kaleidoscope science is deceptively simple. It is just a matter of putting two mirrors at an angle to each other so that they reflect each other and whatever the kaleidoscope is pointed at. Reflections of reflections creating endless change and beauty in symmetrical surrealness! What could be more whimsical than that? 



The art of putting 3D pictures in seemingly meaningless images is a whimsical one. Some find the specific fine-tuning of the eye impossible, while others can see the hidden images without much effort. The best advice is to hold the image close to your eyes and focus past it. Keeping your eyes unfocused, pull the image farther away. If you’re doing it correctly, the silhouette of an airplane should appear! 


Gem Joy Fantasy Image 

Playful, alluring, and more than occasionally naughty, fairies are a quintessential source of whimsy. Fairies are often portrayed as tiny human-like creatures with butterfly wings. They bestow blessings, watch over gardens, and sprinkle fairy dust wherever they go.  



 Gem Joy Dragon

We often think of the dragon as a villain, trying to devour the maiden and eventually, conquered by the knight. However, there is a whole other side to dragons. They surround themselves with sparkle and bling, are very wise, and are known to love a good book. We also have Puff the Magic Dragon, a true melding of melancholy and whimsy. 


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Rainbows are the ultimate happy accident. When showers of rain meet beams of sun we are given a full spectrum of color. Furthermore, what could be more whimsical than the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow? 



hummingbird near flower

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Hummingbird hearts beat 1,260 times a minute. What an amazing feat for such a tiny muscle. Hummingbirds are impossible flights of fancy. Whimsy on the wing if you will. 

Bioluminescent Mushrooms

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When living things glow, bioluminescence, we are already at peak whimsy. There is something ineffably charming and surreal about glowing mushrooms. They’re also a bit sneaky. In the light of day, they’re just normal mushrooms. Then, when the sun goes down, the party starts!

I hope you enjoyed this enchanting sampling of whimsicality. It is all around us, waiting to be spied and appreciated. Without whimsy, the world would be a sadder, duller place. 

I hope you leave refreshed and feeling a bit lighter of heart and brighter of spirit. 

Go out into the world and spread some whimsy!   

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