Gem Joy Partner Program

🖤 Welcome 🖤

We are so excited to have you join the magical world of Gem Joy!

We have an interactive product that is best highlighted with video. Each video should have the following two components:  

1. You wearing the jewelry - styled in a way that reflects you.  Tells us how the jewelry makes you feel, why you like it, etc. 

2. Show the Augmented Reality. We want to see the product in-action. Pick your favorite 3 things from the app and highlight them in your video. 

3. End showing off the packaging while wearing the jewelry styled to your personal fashion. 

Example Videos 



  How To Record Your Screen:

There is a screen record button in the app. It works great. To get really high quality video you can record your screen:

How to screen record in Android:

How to screen record Apple: