Gem Joy Partner Program

Welcome, we are so excited to have you join the magical world of Gem Joy!

đź–¤ We Love Video đź–¤

We have an interactive product that is best highlighted with video. We ask that you create two types of video:

1. Show the Augmented Reality. This is easily and quickly achieved my recording the screen of your phone, which creates beautiful videos  (how to details at the bottom of this page).

2. You wearing the jewelry and talking about it. This could be

  • unboxing video
  • first time video reaction to you trying the Gem Joy Augmented Reality 
  • Styling the jewelry with a fun outfit
  • Just having a chat about the Gem Joy Jewelry 
  • Your choice! 

Partner Program Rev Share

10% Commission 

10% Customize Coupon Code to Share With Your Following


When you are ready to join contact us here with Subject Line:

"I am Ready to Join The Gem Joy Partner Program" and we will send you the join link where you can get your referral link, custom coupon code and a free code from us to shop 

We are so excited for you to join us!

The Content You Create

We want to use it! We would like to share it on our social media, use it on the website or in a paid ad. If you have a problem with this, please just let us know!


 How To Record Your Screen:

This is as simple as pressing a button in the app for Iphone (coming to andriod in the next release).

How to screen record in Android: