GEM JOY Active Discount Codes and Promo Codes

Thank you for stopping by the Magical World of Gem Joy!

We do not offer discount codes. BUT we do have a really active refurbished program where we put love into each Gem Joy to give it a second life.

One of Gem Joy’s goals is to have No Waste. 

Can you be part of the refurbished program?

There are two ways you can qualify for the program:

  1. You are using Gem Joy in some kind of therapeutic way.
  2. There is a special need or financial barrier to owning a Gem Joy.

Please note:

This jewelry is sold as is and is final sale. Gem color choice is extremely limited.

Contact us here with subject line:

"No Waste Program - Lightly Used & Refurbished Gem Joy "

In the body of the email (in a sentence or two):

Tell us how you will be using Gem Joy jewelry.