How To Get The Most From Your Gem Joy

Your Gem is a portal into the magical and marvelous world of Gem Joy! With one gem you can interact with, manipulate, and control the augmented reality world.



By placing a finger over the glowing red dot on the glass gem (not on your screen) you set off a jubilant cascade of rainbow colors!



Sensations is the place to go for unique themed experiences and to meet beautiful creatures of nature and imagination.

Hide and reveal your gem to travel through the magical series of Whimsical Charms, Zen, Psychedelic, and Water. Let the beauty wash over you and as your gem transports you to a beautiful calm garden in Zen, or be surprised and delighted by what your gem can reveal in Whimsical Charms.

Your gem gives you close encounters with butterflies, fairies, dragons and more as you meet each new character, learn about their unique qualities and history and bask in their beauty



The stories are the most extended trip into the magical world of GemJoy.  Adventure with Unicorns saving the world, or discover the world with a monarch butterfly newly emerged from her cocoon.



In Games your gem becomes a magical paddle, controller, and entryway to a 3D world of fun. From classics like pong, given its own Gem Joy twist with a sparkling jewel as the 'ball', to Gem Joy exclusives where you use your gem to catch points and avoid enemies, feed butterflies, and flip a coin to help make any magical or mundane decisions