Unicorn Gifts For Adults Over $50

Why are elegant and interesting unicorn gifts for adults as hard to find as real Unicorns?

A Unicorn Gift Guide

My mother loves unicorns to abstraction. You'd think it would be easy to find perfect unicorn gifts for her. After all, unicorns are everywhere these days.

Unicorn glitter lipgloss, rainbow unicorn erasers, unicorn stuffed animals! It is all candy-colored, all cartoonish, and even the items marketed at adults can seem infantilizing.

While my mother enjoys the small unicorn tchotchkes that abound pretty much everywhere you look, there are times when I want to give her a unicorn gift that is more mature.

A unicorn gift for adults that still magical and fun. The only problem is that they can be very hard to find! So I did some research and found some of the most beautiful unicorn gifts the online marketplace has to offer! 

Augmented Reality Unicorn Bracelet 


A true unicorn lovers experience - complete with your very own 3D Unicorn. We take great pride making adult unicorn jewelry here at Gem Joy. We stand by the quality with a warranty!




Truly Self Care Unicorn Bundle Buy Here for $56

  A fun collection of luxury body and hair care
Truly Unicorn Bundle- tubs and tubes of body and hair care



Belgian Chocolate Gift with Unicorn Design Buy Here for $74.99

  A vibrant and delicious selection of unicorn treats
A variety of pastel chocolates on a unicorn theme



Women's Unicorn Sequin Bomber Buy Here for $80

     A bit of badass bling!
Silver sequin jacket with white and rainbow unicorn on the back




 Medieval Silk Unicorn Scarf Buy Here for $148

A classy, understated bit of unicorn representation.
Unicorn Gift for Adults- Woman wearing a Silk Scarf of 'Unicorn in Captivity" made by The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Swarovski Unicorn Figurine Buy Here for $ 119

A sweet adorable little unicorn 
Cartoon crystal unicorn



Herend Lying Unicorn Buy Here for $300

 These elegant, modern unicorns come in a variety of colors
Blue patterned ceramic unicorn with golden horn




Unicorn Crystal Clutch Bag Buy Here for $5,695 

What an absurd unicorn fantasy of an object.
A crystal encrusted clutch purse shaped like a unicorn lying down



It shouldn't be so hard to find unicorn gifts for adults, but sadly it is. Whether it is for yourself or that unicorn enthusiast friend or family member that we all have, it should be easier to find unicorn gifts that are more than cotton candy being sold as unicorn farts.

Many people connect deeply with the mythology and metaphor around unicorns, and they’re often adults, they should have a place at the unicorn table. 


  • SupaShan

    There’s a great site, ban.do they feature many creators work and top brand collabs to boost anything magical, positive and fun, focusing on support to makers, women, and all creative souls. Their mission is fantastic, and the amount of unicorn, rainbow and cute creatures of all sorts is super unique and enjoyed by all who visit. You guys should talk a collab or joint thing, your a lot alike and share customer type! Check them out! I’m so glad I found you guys tho!

  • Lisa Graziano

    Love the Unicorn blog! I would be happy to help with a dragon blog. Dragons need love also.
    My dragon has adventures.
    By the way, I have an author I enjoy and she is somewhat an authority on unicorns. So I can safely say the best way to win a unicorn friend is to offer them chips. Beware! This is a British chip so if you are like me think waffle fries. Start with a bucketful.
    Unicorns are magical and beautiful but also must be handled with care. If you want warm and cuddly try a dragon!
    I can guarantee the warmth.
    Team Dragon

  • Donna Shamy-Cantor

    Not sure what this can do, if I by the unicorn can it also make the dragon appear? Or another creature

  • Margaret Grunwell

    More a question then message – Am I right in thinking that it doesn’t matter the color of the stone, you can get all the creatures just by tapping a different selection on the App?

  • fryZvcgVHdat


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