Teacher Appreciation Day: Give the Gift of Wonder This Year

This Teacher Appreciation Day, give your child's exceptional educators the gift of wonder with an augmented reality sculpture or jewelry piece they'll cherish for years to come. It's the perfect way to say thanks for everything they do!

Here's what educators are saying about Gem Joy:

"I'm having so much fun with mine. It staves off a lot of anxiety AND I'm an elementary school teacher who can't wait to show my students!!"

“It's fun. I am a tutor and I show it to my students. It helps with my more anxious kiddos.”

"My son would love to have a Gem Joy he could share with his children. He teaches at a college for beginning teachers, and I think this is something every teacher should have."

These magical gems aren't just beautiful decorations or accessories. When viewed through a smartphone camera, they come alive with incredible augmented reality experiences guaranteed to spark wonder, delight, and meditative flow.

Imagine your child's teacher relaxing after the school day by gazing at their AR jewelry, instantly transported to a land of whimsical fairies and zen experiences.

Gem Joy is also a tool for teachers to connect with their students on a deeper level. By sharing the AR experience with their class, teachers can spark curiosity about the natural world and ignite a love for learning.