Girls Who Play Video Games Are Three Times More Likely To Study STEM

Girls Who Play Video Games Are Three Times More Likely To Study STEM

Here is the data ....

A new study published in the journal Computers in Human Behaviouraccording to The University of Surrey, suggests that actively playing video games as girls often leads them towards degrees in STEM. Led by Surrey’s Dr Anesa Hosein, the researchers discovered that girls between the ages of 13 and 14 who identified as “heavy gamers” were “three times more likely to pursue a PSTEM degree” compared to girls who didn’t play video games. Heavy gaming was defined as nine or more hours a week.

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 Some of the most important female leaders agree ....

Sheryl Sandberg, the outspoken CEO of Facebook and a role model for women in technology, gave some interesting - and very simple advice on how we, as parents, can encourage our daughters to take an early interest in the STEM fields.

Sandberg’s advice? Encourage our daughters to play more video games — and even play with them — to pique their interest in computers.

“Computer games are the gateway to computer science,” Sandberg said during a talk she gave in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania about gender equality in the workplace.

“A lot of kids code because they play games. Give your daughters computer games,” she said. “Ask them to play them.”