Spring/Summer Release Preview

Spring/Summer Release Preview

We are so excited to share the spring release preview with you!

Molly The Monarch 

Migrate with Molly as she journeys in the footsteps of her ancestors. This story educates and delights as you learn and play with monarch butterflies.

Press The Gem

Press the Gem - get a surprise. We are so excited to make our gems even more alive by making them pressable!


These were such a big hit last release we added a ton more! Get up close and play with the worlds most beautiful creations - real and imaginary.

Honey Bees, Blue Morpho Butterflies, Frill-Necked Lizard, Kittens and so so many more.




Kindness in its many forms will get us through this challenge. It is love and consideration for all of us that keeps us inside. Let’s ensure that the sacrifices we are all making are worth it, take care of each other, and find joy even in times when it takes more effort.

We hope we can help you experience more Joy here at Gem Joy!


XOXO - Katie