Augmented Reality Pendants - How They're Made

Augmented Reality Pendants - How They're Made

A lot goes into creating your Augmented Reality Pendants. We get a lot of questions about what is inside them. So in this post we are going to demystify the magic and show you the nitty gritty of how they are made. Here we go ...

Each pendant is composed of three items.

  1. A pendant that is .999 Fine Silver or 24k Gold Plated
  2. A glass insert to secure the marker
  3. A trained marker that will trigger an augmented reality experience 

The Pendant 

Where are they sourced?

Code to Canvas is partnered with an amazing company called Nunn Design. Nunn Design products are hand crafted in the United States from teams of generational crafts people. They follow EU Standards and are woman owned and operated business based out of Port Townsend, WA. 

The Marker

The markers are designed in San Francisco, CA. And the technology that powers Code to Canvas is built in San Francisco, CA by our Founder Katharine VanderDrift.

How do the Markers Work?

Let's dive into the markers and show you how they activate an augmented reality experience. Each marker is trained to deliver a unique experience.

The design is hooked into a database and is triggered when the camera on your phone detects the marker. There are no wires. The design is what is generating the augmented reality experience.

Here is an example of what the camera is looking for when it scans your pendant. This is a real example, the LEO pendant from The Astrology Series. 

Each pendant has unique features the camera is scanning for. Augmentable design cannot follow repeatable patterns and must have high contrast for the camera to detect the design.

All Code to Canvas pieces are designed to be augmentable. Making them uniquely beautiful and code-embedded. 

If you have any more questions about how are pendants are made. Please contact us here.